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Jesse Kirzner

Jesse Kirzner

Jesse has been living in and around the Baltimore area since the fourth grade. His first job in the body art industry was working as counter help for a local tattoo studio, and after a year of observing the different ornamentation that walked in and out of those studio doors, he became fascinated by all kinds of piercings and human anatomy. Shortly after he went on to a piercing apprenticeship, which he completed in 2015.

Jesse credits piercing with helping him out of a difficult place in his life, and he has dedicated himself to helping others find the same passion. He does volunteer work for peer-based harm-reduction groups in the music festival scene, helping people make healthy and informed lifestyle choices. He specializes in philtrum piercings, but is a well-rounded piercer eager to sharpen his skills in his new position at Infinite.

When he is not piercing, Jesse enjoys live music events as well as producing and mixing electronic dance music. He enjoys anime, skateboarding in Baltimore city with his friends, and caring for Biggie, a cat the size of a two-year-old child who meows all day for attention and snacks.

Jesse is currently scheduled Fridays through Tuesdays, and call be reached at

Piercing gallery coming soon!