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Brian Fowler

Brian Fowler Visits

We are thrilled to announce that Brian Fowler from Brand X Tattoo & Body Piercing will be guest piercing at Infinite June 10 through 20. Brian has been an Association of Professional Piercers member since January of 2014, and has been a volunteer working on the social media committee for a year and a half. After his piercing apprenticeship, he bought into the piercing side of Brand X in 2010. Brian then began upgrading the piercing side of the studio, and was able to make the changes necessary to meet APP standards.
Brian loves working with other piercers, and traveling for guest spots. Has has done guest spots at Slave To The Needle in Seattle, Adorn Body Arts in Portland, and Goodlife in Akron, Ohio, where he has learned different perspectives on the industry and made lasting friendships.
Brian and Alicia Fowler 
“What I love about the industry is it feels more like a family, and that I’ve finally made it home. I love the endless possibility with jewelry and making people feel beautiful! Cheesy, I know.
“Body piercing saved my life. I was an active drug addict for several years. One day I decided I needed a change. I got clean and put all my free time into learning how to pierce. I have been clean now for almost 8 years. All thanks to the opportunity I was given to work at Brand X!”
Outside of piercing,  Brian enjoys spending time with his family, playing in his punk band, Lost Socks, and being a better bowler than his nemesis, Johnny Velez!

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