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Free U.S. Shipping on Orders Over $50
Free U.S. Shipping on Orders Over $50

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Philadelphia Job Openings: 

Piercers: We are currently hiring for a piercing position at our Philadelphia studio. Three years experience is preferred but not required. Email your résumé and portfolio to to be considered.

Counter staff: We do not currently have any counter staff openings at our Philadelphia location.


Due to the high-volume nature of our shop we are unable to take on apprentices. (In fact, since 1994 we’ve fully trained only three apprentices.) While we love body piercing, and would love to be able to share our knowledge with the next generation of piercers, we simply cannot dedicate the time to giving you the best experience possible. However, if you are interested in an apprenticeship, we encourage you to visit the Association of Professional Piercing’s website. They have a wealth of information available about the industry itself and offer information about breaking into the industry.