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Open in Philadelphia and Baltimore! Appointments required for all services and jewelry purchases. Click here to book an appointment. Open in Philadelphia and Baltimore! Appointments required for all services and jewelry purchases. Click here to book an appointment.
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As we work to accommodate clients during this global pandemic, and in keeping with the Baltimore and Philadelphia guidelines for personal services, appointments are now required at both our Philadelphia and Baltimore studios. Yes, for everything. This includes not only new piercings, but jewelry changes, removals, troubleshooting, consults—and even buying jewelry to-go will require an appointment.

We currently offer appointments every day from opening to closing. Appointments are scheduled for 30-minute sessions, which includes time to do paperwork, choose jewelry, and have the piercing performed. Prices for services can be found on our Prices Page. Make sure you are able to bring in proper identification as outlined in ID Info and Policies.

Before booking your appointment, please visit our Before Coming In page to see what changes to expect with our new appointment protocol. All appointments are scheduled online, through the links below. We do not schedule appointments over the phone.

Book in Philadelphia Book in Baltimore

Be aware the following are now required at our studios:

Masks will be required for entry, no exceptions. You will need a mask that fully covers your nose and mouth, and will need to keep it on at all times while inside.

No “under-the-mask” piercings are being offered. This includes nostril, septum, and all oral piercings, in addition to jewelry changes on existing piercings.

For now, no ear piercing services for kids. We are temporarily suspending ear piercings services for kids eight to twelve years old. We will still be offering select piercing services to minors aged thirteen and older.

No friends or partners. Exceptions will be made for parents or guardians bringing in minors for piercings, and clients will be allowed to bring back one person for nipple or genital piercings. Otherwise, we ask you to come to your appointment by yourself.

Requesting a specific piercer? Please call ahead to find out their schedule before booking your appointment. We will do our best to accommodate your request at your appointment.

Call ahead for genital piercings. Not all piercers have extensive experience with all genital piercings. (There are a lot of different piercings, and variations.) If you're booking for a vertical or horizontal hood piercing (VCH or HCH), Prince Albert, frenum, or scrotum piercing, no need to reach out—all of our piercers perform these piercings. For other genital piercings, give us a call ahead and make sure we can accommodate you on the date available.

Be on time! If you are more than five minutes late we may cancel your appointment. We also ask that you try to get here no more than five minutes early, as we may not have the space for you to wait inside the studio. Parking near the shop can be tricky so be sure to leave yourself enough time.

If you need to reschedule or cancel, we ask that you do so at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.

If you are feeling ill, please reschedule. This goes without saying.