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Press-fit Jewelry

How Press-fit Jewelry Works DiagramPress-fit jewelry, a “snap-together” threadless system, is a popular alternative to threaded jewelry. While this type of jewelry can be worn through numerous piercings (lips, nostril piercings, earlobes, eyebrows, and ear cartilage), buying press-fit jewelry will require a little knowledge. You want to ensure you get pieces that fit together properly and that the jewelry is properly sized for your piercing.

A complete piece of press-fit jewelry is made up of two individual pieces that fit together: a post and a removable end. Each press-fit post sold by us at Infinite, whether curved or straight, is precision machined in the USA from solid implant-grade titanium bars (ASTM F136 6Al-4V ELI), and features an attached ball or disk on one end. The removable decorative ends are also available in titanium as well as solid 14k and 18k gold, both excellent options for those sensitive to other materials. Originally patented by NeoMetal, press-fit posts and ends are now also manufactured by a wide variety of companies including Industrial Strength, Anatometal, BVLA, LeRoi, and more.

Press-fit ends from BVLAAll of the stones in our press-fit ends, whether from NeoMetal, BVLA, or other manufacturers, are set—not glued. This means the stones will not fall out, as they may with cheaper pieces of jewelry. If you do lose a stone, we’ll fix it or replace it for you. We sell only the finest quality jewelry, and we will stand by what we sell.

When buying press-fit jewelry from, each part is sold individually. If you need a complete piece of jewelry, you will need to purchase both a post and an end. This also means that you can purchase additional ends without being forced to purchase additional posts every time.

How Press-fit Jewelry Works

Press-fit ends have a small “pin” that sticks out of the decorative end and fits inside the shaft of the hollow titanium press-fit posts. The two pieces stays together not by magic, but by tension; a slight bend is made to the pin which allows it to stay securely in place inside the hollow post.

We ship all press-fit ends pre-bent so that they are ready to wear and will fit securely into your post when they arrive to you. The tightness is adjustable by how much of a bend is made to the pin, so if you feel like your end needs a little tweaking, follow the steps on the illustration above to adjust it.

Getting the Right Fit

All press-fit posts and ends in our store fit interchangeably in any universal press-fit post, regardless of the gauge. That said, there are some styles and sizes that tend to work better in some piercings than others, and it’s important to get the correct size for your piercing.

Below are the approximate sizes we use at Infinite when we perform various piercings, but keep in mind that every body is different and the sizes outlined below are only a basic guideline when selecting jewelry. While we try to help with the selection process, there’s no substitute for getting your jewelry sized and installed by a competent, professional piercer.


Earlobe piercing by AndruEarlobes are typically pierced with 18 gauge straight press-fit posts, approximately the same thickness as a traditional earring post. Common lengths are 5/16” to 7/16” for healing piercings, and 1/4” to 5/16” for healed piercings. Posts are available with either an attached ball or disk, depending on your preference.

The second, removable end can vary in design from plain balls or disks to prong-set or bezel-set gemstones, or even a wide variety of gold options. If your piercing is still healing, choose ends with a design that is at least 2mm or larger; if your piercing is healed, choose an end that is at least 1.5mm or larger.

Ear Cartilage

Ear cartilage piercings require thicker jewelry for comfort and ease in healing. At Infinite we use 16 gauge posts, most often 1/4” to 3/8” for healing piercings and 3/16” to 1/4” for healed piercings.

Conch piercing by AndruStraight press-fit posts usually work best in outer helix, forward helix, conch, and tragus piercings. Straight press-fit posts in 16g come with an attached ball on one end; if you prefer an attached disk on the back, shop Press-fit Labret Posts from NeoMetal. The second, removable ends can vary in design from plain balls or disks to prong-set or bezel-set gemstones, or even a wide variety of gold options. If your piercing is still healing, choose ends with a design that is at least 2.5mm or larger; if your piercing is healed, choose an end that is at least 2mm or larger.

Curved Press-fit Post with Size-set CZs from NeoMetalRook piercings are usually done with a curved post, with 16g 5/16” being the preferred size for a healing piercing and 16g ¼” if your piercing is already healed. Curved press-fit posts with gem ends are sold as a complete set, while plain curved press-fit posts are sold separately from the matching removable ball end. This gives you the option to dress up the top half of your piercing by choosing from a wide variety of gemstones or ornate gold designs, in place of a titanium ball. For a complete curved press-fit post with balls on either end, choose a ⅛” (3mm) ball for the removable end. Like with all cartilage piercings, if your piercing is still healing, choose press-fit ends with a design that is at least 2.5mm or larger; if healed, choose an end that is at least 2mm or larger.


Nostril piercing by AndruWe perform nostril piercings almost exclusively with straight 18g posts, 5/16” to 3/8” for initial piercings and 3/16” to 5/16” for healed piercings. There is no one-size-fits-all for nostril piercings, but if you’re unsure of what size you need, a 1/4” post is most often a good fit for a healed piercing. For both healing and healed piercings, the design on the press-fit end should be at least 1.5mm or larger.

It can be tricky to change press-fit jewelry in a nostril piercing without help from a piercer. The post should be inserted first from the inside of your nose. With the post in your piercing and while holding it in place on the inside of your nose, line the decorative end up so it slides into the hollow post, and then push the two pieces together until secured. If you have a piercer in your area who is familiar with press-fit jewelry, it’s a good idea to have him or her help. If you are installing jewelry yourself, purchasing an 18g pin taper can help make the process a little easier.


Curved Press-fit Post in Titanium from NeoMetalWe typically pierce eyebrows with 16g curved posts in either 3/8” or 7/16” lengths, with healed piercings typically needing 5/16” to 3/8” posts.

Curved press-fit posts with gem ends are sold as a complete set, while plain curved press-fit posts are sold separately from the matching removable ball end. For a complete curved press-fit post with balls on either end, choose a ⅛” (3mm) ball for the removable end.

Lip & Labret

Labret piercingIn our studio, we typically perform lip and labret piercings with a post that is at least 14g thick and has an attached disk. This type of post is called a labret post. Each press-fit labret post is manufactured from a single piece of material, so there is no seam between the post and attached disk that can collect bacteria and/or irritate the piercing.

Press-fit ends from BVLAWe carry press-fit labret posts for both 16g and 14g lip piercings. While initial jewelry usually ranges from 3/8” to 7/16” long, most healed lip and labret piercings fit posts ranging from 5/16” to 3/8”. There is no one size for healed lip piercings, however, 5/16” is the most common size for women while 3/8” is the most common size for men. Clients with thicker lips may need longer jewelry. Also, keep in mind that while we pierce lips at a 14g (to help with healing), 16g lip piercings are still common practice at many other studios.

We have an extensive selection of press-fit ends to choose from for the second removable end. If your piercing is still healing, choose ends with a design that is at least 2.5mm or larger; if your piercing is healed, choose an end that is at least 2mm or larger.

Insertion Tapers

Changing jewelry can be tricky, but when changing press-fit jewelry, a pin insertion taper can be your best friend. These are long posts that gradually taper up to the size of the jewelry being inserted. All pin tapers come to a “point” at one end (the end that goes in first), and have an attached "pin" on the other larger end. The post being inserted is slid onto the back “pin” so it can follow the taper into the piercing. Once the post is in place in the piercing, remove the taper and push the press-fit end into the post. Pin insertion tapers make for an easy, hassle-free insertion of press-fit jewelry.

When changing press-fit posts in nostril piercings, a pin insertion taper is a necessity. For these piercings, since the decorative end goes on the outside of the nose, the post must first be inserted from the inside. This can make the piercing especially tricky to change yourself. If you’re ordering press-fit jewelry for your nostril, don’t forget the pin insertion taper!

When shopping for pin tapers in our online store, pick the thickness of the jewelry you want to insert. Then pick the jewelry type you will be using it with: threaded or press-fit jewelry. All tapers measure between 2”-2 ⅝” long and are made from either implant-grade titanium or implant-grade stainless steel.

If you need more help with anything from selecting jewelry to putting it in, contact us.