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Outer Labia Piercings

 Outer Labia Piercings
The outer labia, or labia majora, are the thicker, hair-covered folds of skin that cover the hood and inner labia, sometimes referred to as the “outer lips.” While similarly named, outer labia piercings are much different from inner labia piercings. The tissue is much thicker than the inner labia, and healing takes anywhere from two to six months. (Outer labia also tend to be subjected to more abuse by walking, sitting, etc., while inner labia are often protected from contact by the outer labia.) If you are torn between the two piercings, we will usually suggest the inner labia for ease of piercing and speed of healing.

If you do decide outer labia piercings are for you, either a single piercing or in pairs, starting jewelry is usually 12 gauge captive beads rings. The piercing is also somewhat anatomy-dependent; thinner labia with a definite edge to the fold of tissue tend to be best for healing, and those with puffy or flatter outer labia can have an especially difficult time. If you have large thighs, you may also want to consider choosing another piercing, as healing may be especially difficult for you.

As you can see from the gallery, there are huge differences in vulva from person to person. While one person may be able to accommodate multiple labia piercings, another may have labia that are so small that only one ring will fit (or even none). If you are thinking about this piercing, also consider whether you will be staying with one (or one pair) or may go with more later, as this can affect placement. It pays to plan ahead!