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Free U.S. Shipping on Orders Over $50

Antitragus Piercing

An antitragus piecing goes the protruding piece of cartilage across from the tragus and above the earlobe. Those with a well-pronounced “nub”—but one on the thin side—tend to be the best candidate for this piercing. If the antitragus isn’t prominent, it may be best to look into other piercing options.

Antitragus piercing by AndruInitial jewelry is usually a 16-gauge press-fit post. This placement makes for a compelling piercing, and is specially suited for more ornate jewelry options. For jewelry ideas, check out our selection of press-fit posts and ends in our online store.

If you're interested in an antitragus piercing, come in and have one of our piercers see if your ear makes you a good candidate for this one. Even if you're not set up for this one, we can still help you plan something unique.