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Scrotum Piercings

Scrotum Piercings Drawing
Sometimes referred to as a “Hafada,” a scrotum piercing is a surface piercing that passes through the loose layers of tissue along the scrotum. Traditionally, this piercing was done in pairs, where the rings rested on either side of the shaft when flaccid, but the piercing now tends to be done along the center seam of the scrotum. It can be done singularly or in multiples, with several piercings performed in either the same or different sittings, and anywhere along the scrotum can be pierced. (When these piercings are performed on the center upper front of the scrotum, it is often called a lorum — lower frenum — piercing, and when this procedure is placed behind the scrotum, toward the anus, it is called a guiche.

A ring is usually the best choice for initial healing, and a 10 gauge (or 8 gauge) 5/8” captive bead ring is the jewelry most often used. A curved barbell can be used after healing—especially if the ring is too obtrusive—but can be problematic during healing as it has a tendency to shift uncomfortably from side-to-side. This piercing is not too difficult to stretch, and many find the added weight of thicker jewelry adds more sensation for the wearer.