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Cheek Piercing FAQ

But I really want my cheeks pierced...

Unfortunately, dedication to getting your cheeks pierced doesn't make the healing any easier. It is a piercing we often try to dissuade people from getting as it requires a big commitment—often more than most people are expecting. Cheek piercings are also notoriously problematic; they are especially prone to unexpected swelling and developing small fluid pockets and excessive drainage of lymph—during and even after healing—and are extremely difficult to maintain. While healing is not impossible, it’s not often easy, and the scars left behind when cheek piercings are removed tend to be substantial.

If you’re still interested in the piercing, come in and talk to one of our piercers in person. They can talk to you honestly about this piercing, and make suggestions about whether it’s the right one for you.

Why is the initial post so long?

As with other oral piercings, swelling can be extensive—often starting immediately after the procedure and taking several months to fully disappear. For this reason, initial jewelry will need to be of a sufficient length, and with cheek piercings, this length can be quite long. Once the piercings are healed (approximately six months to one year, and sometimes even longer) more snug-fitting posts may be put in.

How many times will I need to downsize by jewelry?

While most other oral piercings only need their jewelry downsized once, this piercing often requires three or more sets of posts between what is used for the initial piercing and what is worn when it’s healed, and leaving jewelry in that is too long can delay the healing process. While there is no set number of sizes you will need, as it depends on how your body swells and heals, multiple pairs of posts—in various lengths—are a guarantee.

I’ve heard that cheek piercings can result in problems with saliva “leakage.” Is this true?

While this doesn’t happen with everyone, it did happen to piercer Elayne Angel. She had such a difficult time with her cheek piercings that she will usually decline to perform this piercing for clients. You can read the story of her experience here.