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Genital Piercing Care

Aftercare for genital piercings is the same as for most other piercings. These piercings are among the easiest and quickest to heal, so care is often minimal. Simply follow the instructions under Basic Piercing Care.

Take a Short Break from Sex

Sexual activity is not prohibited during the entire healing period, but a short break can help you heal faster. If you do have sex during this time (this includes masturbation), pay attention to any discomfort, practice fluid-safe sex, and be sure to clean your piercing immediately afterward.

Avoid Fluid Exchange

Use barriers to protect your new piercings during any sexual activity, even with monogamous partners. This means condoms over penis piercings and similar protection (dental dams, etc.) over vulva piercings. Unprotected oral sex should especially be avoided during the healing period, as this is one of the fastest ways to get an infection.

Try Emu Oil

Emu oil can be a helpful addition to aftercare and is especially useful for healing genital piercings. Simply rub a single drop onto the skin around the piercing with a clean finger. This helps with healing and also helps prevent crusty discharge from being forced through your piercing.

Stick with Saline or Sea Salt Rinses

Soap can be too strong for genital piercings. It can be especially irritating for piercings through the urethra, and can upset the natural balance of flora if used for vulva piercings—even contributing to a yeast infection. Stick with sea salt soaks and/or saline rinses.

Don’t Be Surprised by Bruising

While it doesn’t happen to everyone, bruising is not uncommon, especially with genital piercings.

Be Prepared for Bleeding

Be prepared for bleeding for the first twenty-four hours, and don’t be surprised by spotty bleeding anytime within the first week after the piercing. With Prince Alberts, reverse PAs, ampallangs, and apadravyas, expect significant bleeding for the first one to three days; keep these piercings wrapped in gauze for the first several days, and put a rubber glove over the gauze wrap the first night. For vulva piercings, use a pad for the first night, and longer if necessary.

Urinate After Cleaning

For piercing around or through the urethra, irrigate the piercing with a saline rinse when urinating for the first few days. This can cut down on the stinging feeling during the initial healing. Drink plenty of water too. This is especially helpful with both Prince Albert and Princess Albertina piercings.

Click the image below to download a printable PDF of Infinite's Aftercare Brochure. 

 Infinite Body Piercing Aftercare Pamphlet