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Frenum Piercings

Frenum Piercings Illustration
Frenum piercings are a common first penis peircing, as they are easy to sit through and healing tends to be relatively quick and uncomplicated (usually within six to eight weeks).

Traditional placement is through the loose skin on the underside of the penis, slightly back from the frenulum. Placement usually corresponds roughly with the circumcision scar on circumcised clients, or further back on uncircumcised clients. Since this piercing often passes through one of the more sensitive areas of the penis, it creates pleasure for both the wearer and their partners!

Initial jewelry is usually a 10 gauge or 8 gauge barbell, most often 5/8” in length. After healing, a second option is a ring large enough to flip over the head and be held in place by the ridge of the glans—or a frenum loop. (If this is the final goal, mention this to your piercer, as initial piercing placement may need to be adjusted slightly.)

It is possible to get multiple frenum piercings back from the first, sometimes called a “Devil’s Ladder” or “Jacob’s Ladder.” Side and top frenums may also be done, but as the skin is tighter on these areas than at the traditional placement, success can vary. (Plus, while they are still sensitive to the partner, they don’t create as much sensation for the wearer.) Regardless, be sure to discuss your plans with your piercer to see what works best for you, your lifestyle, and your anatomy.