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Christina Piercings

Christina Piercings

The Christina is a vertical piercing placed where the the outer labia meet on the pubic mound. It usually requires a well-pronounced “fold” to be considered a viable piercing, and is sometimes a good alternate for clients with a hood or inner labia too small for piercing, especially those with a “meatier” pubic mound. But even with a good lip of skin to pierce, it often behaves more like a surface piercing—meaning that it can be temperamental, has an extended healing time, and is often prone to rejection.

Jewelry for this piercing is usually an L-bar (sometimes called a “Christina bar”) which is a straight post on one side and an “L” bend on the other, and makes it especially useful for this particular location. Adding a gem to the top can make for a striking look; unlike most other vulva piercings, this one tends to be visible standing, with the outer labia closed.

Healing is slow, usually at about six to nine months. (Healing is much closer to a navel piercing than a clitoral hood piercing.) The piercing is prone to irritation, and because of this, face-to-face sex that puts pressure on the piercing is usually best avoided during initial healing. Suggested aftercare is a saline rinse, as salt-water soaks can be difficult to manage with this piercing unless you’re doing a full-bath soak.

For those not anatomically suited for a Christina piercing, one or more surface anchors on the pubic mound can be an alternative, but these can be tricky to heal too—and are even more difficult to shave around!

If you are considering this piercing, stop by the shop for a consultation. One of our piercers will be able to let you know what will work best for you, your anatomy, and your lifestyle.