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Forward Helix Piercing

Triple forward helix piercings by AndruThe forward helix piercing goes through the outer helix, or pinna, above the tragus, where the helix attaches to the face. This piercing has exploded in popularity over the years, especially done in multiples. You can see this with a simple search for "triple forward helix" on either Pinterest or Tumblr. The triple forward helix piercing became so popular that it was profiled in issue #58 of The Point: The Quarterly Journal of the Association of Professional Piercers.

Forward helix piercings by RobertSo, how many can you get? For multiple forward helix piercings, we suggest you come in and talk to one of our piercers to help you to realize your multi-piercing project. How many posts you are able to fit in this small space depends on your anatomy, and not every ear is suited for multiple forward helix piercings. And like other all cartilage piercings, multiple piercings can be done at once on the same ear, but we will not do multiple cartilage piercings in different ears at the same time. Cartilage piercings can be incredibly difficult to heal, so you'll need to wait until all piercings on one ear are fully healed before we will do any cartilage piercings on the other ear. (You need one ear to sleep on, use to talk on the phone, etc.)

Forward helix piercing by KellanSuggested initial jewelry is usually a 16 gauge press-fit post, which you can get get with anything from a basic, plain ball to ornate gold and diamond ends—and most everything in-between.