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Triangle Piercings

Triangle Piercings
The triangle is a piercing that goes horizontally through the clitoral hood and passes under the clitoral shaft, behind the clitoris. Along with the vertical clitoral hood piercing (and the rare clitoris piercing), it is considered one of the most stimulating piercings for the wearer, as movement of the ring stimulates the clitoris from behind. This piercing has become quite popular in large part because of the work of one of its originators, Elayne Angel.

Initial jewelry for triangle piercings is usually a 12 gauge—or sometimes 10 gauge—circular barbell, stretched open so that it’s shaped like an inverted “U.” This configuration, often referred to as a “Bermuda Triangle,” allows the two ends of the circular barbell to be “tucked in” on either side of the hood, making healing easier and making the jewelry less likely to get twisted. In fact, many people continue to wear this type of modified jewelry even after the piercing is healed.

Unfortunately, many are not anatomically suited for the triangle piercing. While every genital piercing is anatomy-dependent, the triangle piercing requires a very particular anatomy, similar to the ideal configuration for a horizontal hood piercing; the hood must be large and well-developed with a well-defined and protruding clitoral shaft. A good self-test is to pinch your hood about even with your clitoris and see if you can easily fit the end of your forefinger and thumb under the rigid clitoral shaft. (It’s not a foolproof test, but it starts to demonstrate what we’re looking for.) Certain types of anatomy, where the junction of the inner labia is higher, may be suitable for “bi-angles,” or a triangle piercing in two parts, where the piercing is separated into two high inner labia piercings and the jewelry stimulates the clitoris from underneath.

In the hands of a professional, this is not a difficult piercing to sit through, but it can be difficult—or even dangerous—in the hands of an amateur. If you’re thinking about this one, make sure your piercer has significant experience with triangle piercings. If you’re planning on making a trip to Infinite, email or call before you come down to make sure we have a piercer on staff who is experienced with this particular piercing. Or, you can wait for Elayne's next visit to Philly and get pierced by the person who pioneered the piercing.