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Brooke Bittens Visits

Brooke Bittens Visits

This weekend, Brooke Bittens visits Infinite Body Piercing for her first guest spot at the studio. Brooke will be guest piercing with us from June 1 to 9 while Zach and Anna each take a few days off. She is on loan from the amazing staff at Black Diamond Piercing in Hartford, Connecticut.

Staff at Black Diamond Piercing

Brooke started her piercing journey back in 2010 when she began her apprenticeship at Black Diamond. She has been piercing there for over seven years now, and has been a member of the Association of Professional Piercers for almost as long. In addition to her home base in the Nutmeg state, Brooke has done several guest spots all along the East Coast, from upstate New York to northern Virginia, and including Massachusetts and Rhode Island as well. Brooke says when she's not piercing, thinking about piercing, talking about piercing, or scrolling through Instagram looking at piercings, she can likely be found at yet another ten-year anniversary show for one of her many favorite washed-up emo bands. If you tip Brooke with a mix CD, she will probably befriend you for life. She's extremely excited for this guest spot—and also her first ever trip ever to Philly!

Sarah and the current Sunday crew from Infinite

In addition to Brooke's visit, we've had some amazing piercers through the shop recently. Sarah Morgan from Black Cat Collective in Perkasie, PA has been helping out on several Sundays over the past few months. We've also been able to host some of our favorite New York guests including Paul Rainer from Bound for Glory Tattoo in Staten Island and Alex Maiorano from Ahimsa Piercing & Fine Jewelry in Brooklyn. Both Sarah and Paul will be back again in June: Paul will be working with us on June 3 and June 17, while Sarah will be here June 10 and June 24.

We're always happy to host industry friends at our studio—both new and old. Thank you to all of our past and future guests, as well as our clients for helping us make each of them feel welcome.

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