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BVLA Navel Jewelry

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BVLA Navel Jewelry
We now have our full selection of gold curved barbells and J-curves from Body Vision Los Angeles (BVLA) available in our online store.

BVLA makes the best gold body jewelry in the industry. This isn’t jewelry you can buy at the mall; this is jewelry you buy when you’re ready to make an investment in your piercing. Each and every piece comes with a lifetime guarantee—so if you ever lose a stone, they will fix it for free.

BVLA is also selective with whom they sell to, and deal only with reputable piercing studios—not sites who only offer online sales. This enables them to know exactly who they selling their product too, and ensures these retailers are knowledgable enough to help you with your jewelry selection. And this is extremely important with navel jewelry, as it requires a special fit. If you can make it into our studio, we can and help you figure out exactly what style and piece will work best. But if you’re not close enough to visit our Philadelphia location and you already know exactly what you need, you can look through our always-growing selection of BVLA navel curves online.

Regardless of where you are, we’re always available to help with your selection.

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