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Kali Taylor and Chris Jennings Piercers

Chris Jennings and Kali Taylor Return

In the interim between Ed’s last day and John’s return, we will be hosting several guest piercers at Infinite. Our January guests include Chris Jennings, who will be covering the first two weeks of January from the 3-14, and Kali Taylor from the 17-28. They are currently traveling the U.S. together in an RV doing guest spots at some of our favorite shops and—luckily for us—they have added a stop in Philadelphia. Chris Jennings and Kali Taylor return!

Neither Chris nor Kali is a stranger to Infinite; while Chris has visited us several times over the years, Kali is a former Infinite alumna of seven years. Chris has been piercing for over fifteen years and has worked at so many renowned studios across the country it’s difficult to name them all. A few of his most recent guest spots include 23rd Street Body Piercing in Oklahoma City, OK, Deep Roots Tattoo & Piercing in Seattle, WA and most recently Supernatural Body Piercing in Kansas City, MO. He always brings a great enthusiasm to the shop, and his piercing skills can’t be beat.

Kali Taylor on MotorbikeKali got her start in the industry working at Infinite as part of our counter staff in 2007, and later movied into an apprenticeship under Hydi Rice in 2009. She became a member of the Association of Professional Piercers in 2010 and finished her apprenticeship under Kellan Smith in 2011. Kali spent the following four years piercing full-time at Infinite, all the while building a strong relationship with many of our clients; she still gets requests to this day! She was featured on the cover of our aftercare pamphlet for years, and brought a unique energy (and sense of humor) to the shop.

Kali moved to Seattle in 2014 to work at Deep Roots Tattoo & Piercing. There she managed and pierced at their Alderwood location, working alongside previous Infinite piercer, Kellan. She became one of the faces for Buddha Jewelry Organics and can be seen modeling their jewelry throughout their catalog and social media pages. Though her work-life was focused around piercing, she spent the rest of her time trail-running up mountains and riding around on her motorcycle (whose name is Jolene) with Chris. She left Deep Roots earlier this year and her and Chris has been traveling around the country together ever since.

Chris Jennings

When asked what they are doing next, her response was, “Currently living in an RV, traveling and piercing from October 2016-whenever…. Next stop is heading down the coast to Florida to adventure on motorbikes, then head back over the the Pacific Northwest.” Basically, they’re living the dream.

We are thrilled to be hosting both of them at Infinite once again. Welcome back, Chris and Kali!

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