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Chris Jennings

Chris Jennings is back!

Piercer Chris Jennings, one of our favorite guests, will be back at Infinite from January 20 to 28. For those who didn’t have the pleasure of making Chris’s acquaintance, Chris was here last November, and he loved us so much he decided to make a return trip!

Chris began his piercing career in 2000. His last piercing gig was working for High Priestess Piercing’s Corvalis, Oregon location. Chris wasn’t only a piercer for High Priestess, he was also the bloodborne pathogens trainer for the company’s four studios. However, he put his full-time job on hold at the end of 2012 to do some self-proclaimed  “soul-searching.” So while Oregon is home, he’s been traveling around the country and enjoying the outdoors while meeting, and making, friends in the piercing community ever since.

So come on in and visit Chris, share some travel and adventure stories, and “get a hole poked in ya.”

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