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Chris Jennings piercer

Chris Jennings Returns

We are happy to announce that Chris Jennings returns to Philadelphia to guest pierce at Infinite from January 29 to March 1, 2016.

We’ve had Chris out several times before to cover shifts, and he always brings an infectious energy to the shop—whether it’s his enthusiasm for Philly museums or his passion for our local food. Chris currently calls Oregon his home, but does a good bit of traveling. You can see pictures of his recent epic Alaska motorcycle trip with Infinite alum Kevin Jump and Jimmy Buddha from Diablo Organics.

Chris will be covering for John Logger, while John makes his second yoga pilgrimage to India. He will be studying with David Garrigues (from the Ashtanga Yoga School in Philadelphia) in Kovalum, a beach town by the Arabian Sea in the state of Kerala. John will be gone for the entire month of February. When he gets back, he will be at Infinite for only two weeks, from March 2 to 15, before he makes the move to join the staff at HTC in Phoenix.

John Logger piercer

Mark your calendars for Chris’ February visit and John’s last two weeks in early March. You won’t want to miss them before they both flee the cold and head west.

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