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Danny Petersdorf Guest Spot 2016

Danny Petersdorf Guest Spot 2016

Here at Infinite, we are lucky to have friends in the industry from all over. Now visiting us from the High Priestess studios in Oregon is our most recent guest piercer, Danny Petersdorf. For an introduction, we’ll let Danny speak for himself:

"After many years lurking BME as an impressionable teenager, I got my first piercing on my 18th birthday and was hooked. I loved the way it made me feel and I enjoyed the experience I had with my piercer. After a few more piercings, I decided to pursue piercing as a potential career. I had a lackluster first apprenticeship, and from there worked for two years at MPG Tattoo in Lincoln City, Oregon, doing basic piercings. When I attended my first Association of Professional Piercers Conference and Expo in 2011, I met the folks from High Priestess and was offered a counter position with the plan to re-train and pierce again once I was up to speed. I had the opportunity to work with and learn from a lot of great piercers—and it was great to be able to re-learn a lot of things the correct way! I’ve worked shifts at all of our locations in Oregon but spend most of my time between our Salem and Corvallis studios. My partner Flicka Accardo is a pretty fabulous tattoo artist at our Salem location, and we really enjoy getting to work together when we can.

I was born in Walnut Creek, CA but basically raised in Salem, OR. My lady Flicka and I are coming up on ten years together and own a house in Salem. We both drive classic cars and have a four-year-old pit bull named Boris The Blade. Salem is alright, but its a hop, skip, and a jump away from Portland, Eugene, the beautiful Oregon Coast, and a lot of other great things the Pacific Northwest has to offer. I drive a 1959 Pontiac Catalina, and I really like to just drive. Life’s too short to drive boring cars, and those old cars just speak to me. I like ska and punk rock, funk and jazz, and really, anything that can make you move!

Danny Petersdorf

My favorite piercing is a question I have always given a cheesy answer to, but, it’s the most honest answer for me: I really don’t have a preference on what piercings I do. I always say it’s the one that will make my client the happiest. I love picking out the piece of jewelry that speaks to them, and placing it somewhere that makes them smile, every time they see it. Basic, fancy, septums, outer cartilage, doesn’t really matter as long as I’ve helped them achieve something awesome that they love.

I’m excited to get to work in Philly! Flicka and I enjoy visiting and it’s probably our favorite place to be (other than home). I’m stoked to meet new people and help make them shiny and happy. Bring me all the vegan cheese steaks—and lets dance!”

According to Ed, Danny is also a skilled breakdancer, so you can bet we’ll be testing his skills while he’s here. Danny will be guest piercing with us from March 25 to April 4, and we are thrilled to have him and share in his enthusiasm."

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