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Elayne Angel

Elayne Angel 2015

Elayne Angel will be back for three trips in 2015, and she is currently taking appointments for March 22-26, July 2-5, and November 8-12. Anyone who has not had the experience of being pierced by Elayne should treat themselves at least once—and see what makes her so special!

Elayne has been a body piercing pioneer for over four decades. She started in the early 80s, when she managed the Los Angeles location of Gauntlet, the first—and, at the time, only—body piercing studio in the United States. She went on to found Rings of Desire in New Orleans, where she pierced for twelve years until Hurricane Katrina prompted her to close the studio. She is the author of The Piercing Bible: The Definitive Guide to Safe Body Piercing, and she is a four-term board member of the Association of Professional Piercers. Most importantly, Elayne is recognized as the de-facto expert on female genital piercings. She is credited with popularizing tongue and triangle piercings, naming the lorum, and inventing the fourchette and Princess Diana piercings. In fact, these days Elayne focuses exclusively in nipple and genital piercings.

Elayne is quite popular, and her calendar is always full before her visit starts. If you’re interested in her work, be sure to contact her long before her scheduled dates. You can find more information on her site’s appointments page, or you can email

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