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Dustin Spense and Elayne Angel

Elayne Angel 2016

We are excited to announce dates for Elayne Angel at Infinite Body Piercing in 2016. Elayne will be available for appointments at Infinite from September 18 to 22, and then again on September 25 and 26. This year, Elayne will be piercing in Los Angeles from July 14 to 17 at Ancient Adornments, and taking appointments at Electric Ladyland in New Orleans from November 3 to 6, but this will be Elayne’s only stop on the East Coast in 2016.

Elayne Angel

Elayne Angel’s credentials are extensive, and her experience in the piercing industry spans over three decades. Elayne has famously performed over 40,000 piercings in her career, and she continues to have an intense passion for helping people through their body modification journey. Having over forty piercings of her own, Elayne understands how personal a piercing is, and she is well-known for having some of the same clients for decades. Her knowledge of safe practices and quality body jewelry comes from her enduring work, starting long before piercing found the popularity it has today. In the 1980s, Elayne managed the Gauntlet in Los Angeles, the first body piercing studio in the United States. In 1993, Elayne opened her own business, Rings of Desire, in New Orleans. After 12 years of owning her own shop, she moved to Mexico in 2005 and dedicated her time to writing the definitive book on body piercing, The Piercing Bible. In addition to writing, Elayne began a rotation of guest spots at piercing studios around the States. These trips have reunited Elayne with long-term clients, other professional piercers and friends, and many new converts who are interested in her singular piercing expertise.

Throughout her career, Elayne has worked extensively with the Association of Professional Piercers, serving a total of four terms on the APP’s board of directors—with her last term as the organization’s president. She help draft much of the content of the APP’s educational materials, and served as editor of the organization’s magazine, The Point: The Journal of the APP, with several years as co-editor with Infinite’s own James Weber. This year, she and James will again be co-teaching the male genital piercing class at the 2016 APP Conference and Exposition. Elayne teaches extensively at body modification events worldwide, such as the APP Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, at BMXnet in Germany, and LBP in Mexico, and others. Even though she hasn’t owned her own studio for years, the piercing industry has still kept her busy.

But Elayne is more than just a long list of accomplishments. She is an incredibly energetic—and energizing—personality, and she offers clients a one-of-a-kind, intimate (pun intended) piercing experience. Elayne’s calendar fills up quickly, so if you’re interested in scheduling genital and/or nipple piercings, book an appointment while you still can. Slots will fill quickly, and Elayne won’t be back again until sometime in 2017.

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