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Frankie Pistone piercer

Frankie Pistone Visits

We are excited to announce that from March 5 to 12, Frankie Pistone will be guest piercing at Infinite.

Frankie comes to us from northeastern Ohio, where he has been piercing professionally since 2007. In 2013, he attended his first Association of Professional Piercers conference as an AL D. Scholarship recipient. His performance that year granted him the opportunity to return as a super volunteer in 2014 and he has been a member of the organization ever since. Frankie has had the pleasure of working at several shops across the United States, including  HTC Piercing in Phoenix, Arizona, Top Notch Tattoo in Elgin, Illinois, and Piercology in Columbus, Ohio.

Frankie Pistone and Ed Chavarria piercers

Frankie says he has been intrigued by body modification for as far back as he can remember. He is drawn to the physical and spiritual aspects of the subculture. When he got his very first ear piercing at 6 years-old, even then, he knew it would not be his last. Through his own journey with self-adornment, Frankie discovered the many positive benefits of piercing, including a boosted sense of self. He says the ability to share that same feeling with his clients is one of his favorite things about piercing today.

Septum and surface piercings are two of Frankie’s favorites to perform, but he says he especially enjoys having artistic freedom with ear piercings. Though piercing will always be his biggest passion, Frankie says he enjoys a wide variety of other hobbies, including hiking, painting, writing and cooking.

Frankie will only be here for a short time, so make sure to come in and meet him during his visit!

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