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John Logger piercer

Infinite is Hiring

We’re sad to announce that the amazing John Logger will be leaving us mid-March. He will be taking a job at HTC in Phoenix, Arizona, to work with Infinite alum Kevin Jump. This also means Infinite is hiring again.


John was a frequent guest of the studio before officially joining the staff in September of last year. (He was originally offered the position previously, but declined because of an already-scheduled trip to India to study yoga. When our next job opening came around, he was the first person we called.)  Though John has only been here a short time, he made a big impression on the staff, and he will be missed.

John will be returning to India for a trip from January 26 to March 1, but will be back in the studio for two weeks, from March 2 to 15. If you want to get your John fix before he flees Philly for the warmer weather, make sure you get in to see us.

With John’s departure, Infinite is once again accepting applications for a vacant piercer position. We’re looking for a friendly, skilled, and dedicated piercer who has at least 5 years of in-studio experience. Interested applicants should forward their résumé and digital portfolio to More information on this position can be found here.

We are also currently scheduling guest piercers for after John’s departure in March. If you have the experience we’re looking for, and are interested in a working trip to Philly, hit us up. We’re always interested in bringing new and exciting personalities to the shop, and we’ll introduce you to the friendly people of the “City of Brotherly Love.”

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