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Free U.S. Shipping on Orders Over $50
Kellan Smith piercer

Infinite is Now Hiring A Piercer

If you’re a frequent customer at the shop (or you’ve been following posts here on our site), you’ve probably noticed we’ve had quite a few guest piercers coming through. Each of these amazing people brings a different attitude and different vibe to the studio, which is always welcome. More importantly, each of these piercers has covered valuable shifts for us while we continue searching for a full-time piercer to replace the irreplaceable Kali Taylor. Infinite is hiring!

Infinite Body Piercing is looking for a friendly, skilled, and dedicated piercer who has at least 5 years of in-studio experience. Interested applicants should forward their résumé and digital portfolio to More information on this position, and all Infinite job openings, can be found here.

We are also currently scheduling guest piercers for the next few months. If you have the experience we’re looking for, and are interested in a working trip to Philly, hit us up. We’re always interested in bringing new and exciting personalities to the shop, and we’ll introduce you to the friendly people of the “City of Brotherly Love.”

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