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J.R. Shreds

J.R. Shreds

Visiting us this week from Mean Street Tattoos in Bensalem, PA is Johnross Switz. Johnross—J.R. for short—began working at Mean Street in September of 2009 when he was nineteen years-old. He has been a member of the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) for 1 year and is proud to say he has helped improve the standards at his studio. “When I started,” he says, “the shop used only externally threaded jewelry. In my time here I have brought the shop up to APP standards and use only implant grade materials.” At Infinite, we’ve referred clients to J.R for some time, especially for parents looking to get their children’s ears pierced. (Philly regulations prohibit us from piercing anyone under sixteen year-old, even with parental consent.)  J.R. has also done guest spots at a number of studios in the U.S., including Fyre Body Arts in Perkasie, PA, Modern Ritual in Massillon, OH, and Diamond Heart in Flemington, NJ. We will be welcoming Johnross at Infinite Body piercing from April 8 to 12, 2016.

JR Shreds and wife

J.R. was born and raised in Northeast Philly. Though he currently lives in Bensalem, he visits Philadelphia often. J.R. and (Infinite piercer) Eduardo have a friendship that goes back to Ed’s first days in Philly, and they currently work alongside one another on Ed’s local suspension team, Kuh-thar-sis. On top of piercing and suspension, J.R. also enjoys doing some heavier work, like scarification and genital beading.

While body modification is a huge part of his life, J.R. is a family man at heart. He recently bought a home in Bensalem and is in the process of remodeling it. When asked about his favorite non-piercing activities, he first tells us that he loves spending time with his wife and four year old son. J.R. also listed a ton of hobbies: “hanging out with friends, trying new foods and drinks, skateboarding, bikes, scooters, unicycles, pogo sticks, fingerboards, flipping on trampolines and all sorts of useless talent nonsense.” Yes, you heard that right; fingerboarding! We’ve seen it in person and you will, too, when you meet him. Though we love that J.R. has a nerdy side, he did have one request: “to sound less like a total dork, include that I like going to concerts and events and such.”

“I really hopes to make this experience a great one; I hope to learn more about my craft and further myself as a professional,” J.R. says. We are excited to have him piercing with us at Infinite.


Got a little clip last night thanks to my film crew @3d_weird0 @neman666 @everythingandru. Good time.

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Abigayle Frary - April 1, 2024

Hi! I was looking into getting my tongue split and I was recommended you. I am looking to book an appointment for it!

Quinin - April 1, 2024

I wish to get scarification done

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Do you do scarification

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