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Jay McColm Visits

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Jay McColm Visits

While Andru is away traveling through Europe—getting tattooed and sightseeing with Infinite counterstaff member Dustin—we'll be hosting Infinite alum Jay McColm for a two-week guest spot September 11-25.

Jay joined Infinite back in 2011, only leaving in 2014 to pursue horticultural studies while working at Longwood Gardens. We've had Jay back a few times over the past few years, twice to cover shifts during the APP Conference and Exposition, and several times during other staff vacations. This trip comes right as Jay makes his return to full-time piercing, now working at Tattoo Galaxy in Ambler, PA. We'll actually be hosting him for another short guest spot next month alongside other frequent Infinite guest, Johnross Switz of Mean Street Tattoos & Piercing in Bensalem, PA. Both will be here October 6 and 7 while Andru and Zach are away at Camp APP.

3rd Annual Camp APP

Camp APP is a retreat for members of the Association of Professional Piercers. Put on by former APP President and Secretary Bethrah Szumski, it is now in it's third year. Camp APP takes place over four days, from October 3-7, 2017, in Hard Labor Creek State Park, in Rutledge, GA—about an hour east of Atlanta. While the annual APP Conference and Exposition has classes and events for everyone, from veteran piercers to first time attendees, health inspectors, and even non-industry folks, Camp APP focuses on small classes and workshops specifically for piercers. This is the first year that we're sending employees from Infinite, so stay tuned for a full report following Andru and Zach's return.

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