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Free U.S. Shipping on Orders Over $50
Little 7

Little 7 in Our Online Store

Jeweler (and Extra-Action Marching Band member) Mutt Mule hand-crafts ear jewelry described on the Little 7 site as “Extremely Elegant, Slightly Dangerous.” Produced in the San Francisco Bay area, Little 7 pieces are available in F-138 implant-grade stainless steel, brass (85% copper/15% zinc), or copper. High-polished to a lusterous finish, each pair consists of pieces that are the mirror image of the other.

With a little care, stainless steel pieces will stay as vibrant as the first day they were worn while copper and brass pieces will develop an oxidized patina over time. (This is ideal for those looking for something that will get more character as it ages.) Best of all: Every piece of Little 7 body jewelry we carry in our studio is now available in our online store.

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