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Monica Sabin

Monica Sabin’s First Visit at Infinite

Monica Sabin will be piercing at Infinite Body Piercing from September 30 to October 10. This is her first time as a guest of Infinite, and we’re hoping to make her feel welcome!

Monica has been piercing since 2010 and currently works at Dungeon Tattoos & Body Piercing Studio in East Orlando. She graduated from University of Central Florida in 2011, majoring in Psychology. She’s a member of the Association of Professional Piercers, and attends the APP’s annual Conference and Exposition to continue her piercing-related education. (She also volunteers for the organization.) She enjoys multiple piercing projects, gets excited about coordinating jewelry, and maintains a gentle and calm demeanor during the piercing experience.

Outside of work, Monica can be found watching anime, hula hooping, traveling, or online—looking at funny cat videos. She is also involved in body suspension meets and performances, and is a founding member and the assistant team leader of a local Orlando body suspension team. She is, also, the mother (aka food provider and groomer) of a young Persian/Munchkin cat named Princess Yuki, who likes to go for car rides and walks on her harness and leash.

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