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Nicholas the Geezer

Nicholas the Geezer

He’s a traveler, a proud husband, and a phenomenal piercer, and this Spring, he’s coming to a studio near you! Nicholas the Geezer will be guest piercing at Infinite Body Piercing from May 13 to May 23, 2016. From his bio:


Nicholas has been into body piercing for as long as he can remember. He was born in The Brass City: Waterbury, CT in 1986. He spent his early years on a farm in rural Bethlehem, CT. It was there he saw his first piercings and tattoos on the various characters that frequented the farm. Soon after, Nicholas had his fourth grade career day, which he spent in a local tattoo shop asking questions and watching while his extremely supportive mother spent all 8 hours of it waiting patiently in the lobby. He knew this was where he belonged, but in what context?


Nick the Geezer

After several years of meeting various staff members at several local tattoo studios, Nicholas returned to Waterbury, where his flames—for piercing especially—would be fanned by long time piercer Jason Prince. Astounded by his vast knowledge and exhibition of client care, Nicholas made the decision to get his foot in the door at a local studio. Mopping floors, changing garbages, scrubbing toilets, and most importantly: observing the body piercer. In order to pay bills, however, his days at the shop became fewer and fewer, but Nicholas continued to independently research body piercing, reading anything he could get his hands on to do with the subject.

In 2009, Nicholas started an apprenticeship under Erik Stango and has never looked back. He says there is nothing on this earth he would rather be doing than offering his clients safe, precision body piercing in a clean, friendly studio environment. He is currently a member at large with the Association of Professional Piercers, and has spent the years since his graduation from apprentice to professional body piercer traveling the country and piercing in some of the best studios the U.S. has to offer, learning and honing his craft under the guidance of the best and the brightest.

Andru and Nick the Geezer

While his home base is the greater Boston area, Nicholas is currently midway through a guest spot tour around the United States. He’s already visited many of our favorite studios including Supernatural Body Piercing (owned by former Infinite piercer Clay Wanstrath) in Kansas City, MO, HTC in Phoenix, AZ, Good Life in Akron, OH, and so many more. We are excited to host him at Infinite and hope our clients give him a big Philly welcome.

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