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Free U.S. Shipping on Orders Over $50
Piercing Books and Bibles

Piercing Books (and Bibles)

We’re incredibly excited to announce that we are now the online distributor for signed copies of Elayne Angel’s book The Piercing Bible – The Definitive Guide to Safe Body Piercing. In addition to Elayne’s book, we’ve added a new category to our online store where we’ll be offering a limited selection of books, DVDs and other piercing-related publications. Click on the “Media” in the navigation for our online store to shop body piercing books (and Bibles).

In the days before the ubiquity of the Internet (when Infinite started, back in 1994), people mainly discovered the larger world of piercing through printed publications: PFIQ, Body Play, Modern Primitives, Body Art, etc. When we first opened our doors, we had a huge bookcase full of body-art books, magazines, and comics for sale. As information about body piercing has become easier to find, both in print and online, we slowly slimmed down our book selection—but continued to offer a few of the essentials to our clients. Needless to say, we like books!

Starting Point piercing book

We even published our own guide to body piercing back in 2001, Starting Point: A Primer of Modern Body Piercing. This was one of the early (along with Cliff Cadaver’s Basic Guide) self-published resources that attempted to break down information for clients, piercing-by-piercing. It was influential for its time, and piercers still occasionally contact us to get a new copy to replace the dog-eared one from their studio. Unfortunately, most of the information is very much of the time, and this book now reads as more of an historical artifact than the comprehensive guide it once was. We do still have a few copies left available for sale at a discounted price, so get yours before they’re gone.

Of course Elayne Angel should be credited with creating the definitive guide to body piercing in 2009 when she published The Piercing Bible. Elayne is a frequent and favorite guest at the studio, and we’re excited to partner with her as the official online retail distributor for her book. You can now order copies of The Piercing Bible from our online storeEach book is personally signed by Elayne, and the majority of the proceeds from sales of The Piercing Bible through Infinite go directly to Elayne—so ordering this title from us is the best way to make sure the author gets the most from the sale. As Elayne would say, “It’s a win-win!”

The Piercing Bible book

We’re also offering for sale the 20th anniversary edition of RE/Search #12: Modern Primitives. First published in 1989, this is the book that started a revolution. It includes in-depth interviews with piercing pioneers Fakir Musafar, Jim Ward, Raelyn Gallina, and numerous other personalities that helped to define what modern body art would become. This revised edition includes a new introduction by original editor/publisher V. Vale, a supplemental interview with Raelyn Gallina, plus tattoo and piercing community sponsorship pages in the back. Own a piece of history—or upgrade and replace your old worn-out copy.

Lastly, we also have a few copies left of Modify: The Movie on DVD. From the description: “The cast and crew of modify traveled the United States and have filmed more than fifty body modification procedures including tanning, waxing, piercing, branding, scarification, genital beading, elective amputations, bodybuilding, tattooing, tongue splitting, non-surgical implants, plastic surgeries, trans-gender surgeries, and everything in between.” Remember when it was cool to own movies? We do too! Get this one from us for half-price. It’s a steal at $10, plus shipping.

Modify the Movie

To explore more of the industry’s history through books and magazines, check out our suggestions for more recommended reading. Then work on your book collection. As director (and author) John Waters famously said: “We need to make books cool again. If you go home with somebody and they don’t have books, don’t fuck them.”

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