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Free U.S. Shipping on Orders Over $50
NeoMetal Straight Titanium Posts

Press-fit Jewelry is Now Online

Over the last several weeks we’ve been hard at work on our most ambitious product build yet: NeoMetal press-fit body jewelry and press-fit ends from Body Vision Los Angeles. We’re proud to announce that we now have NeoMetal threadless posts and ends available in our online store, and press-fit ends from BVLA. Press-fit jewelry is now online at

NeoMetal’s patented “snap-together” threadless system is an alternative to threaded jewelry, and they’re a nearly-perfect design for ear, nostril, eyebrow, and lip piercings. Their jewelry is precision-machined in the U.S. out of solid, implant-grade titanium bars (ASTM F136 6Al-4V ELI). The single-piece post means there are fewer seams to collect bacteria and irritate your piercing, and titanium makes these posts an excellent option for all—even those sensitive to other materials. Their gem ends are made with high-quality, Austrian-made Swarovski CZs and other synthetic gems. Every gem is crimp-set into the jewelry setting (no glues are used), which means the stones won’t fall out—as often happens with cheaper jewelry. Several companies make ends that will fit NeoMetal’s threadless, press-fit posts, but the posts themselves are only available from NeoMetal, as they have a patent on the design (patent #6167725 and # 6470709).

NeoMetal Press-fit Ends

Ends for NeoMetal press-fit posts range from basic titanium balls and disks, prong-set gems, and bezel-set cabochons to ornate gold options. When buying NeoMetal press-fit jewelry from, each part is sold individually. To get a full piece of jewelry, you will need to pick a post and an end that work together. The only exception are NeoMetal’s side-set gem curved barbells. These pieces are sold complete, as a post with two ends. Offering these for sale individually means you can change the length of your post (after your piercing has healed, of course) without having to buy a whole new piece of jewelry. You can also purchase additional ends without having to purchase additional posts.

BVLA Press-fit ends

We’ve previously added some amazing curved bars from BVLA to our online store, and now we’re excited to announce their press-fit ends are available as well. BVLA makes the finest gold jewelry in the industry, and their press-fit ends are no exception.

Jewelry from Body Vision Los Angeles is only available through reputable piercing studios, so you won’t find it for sale through other, online-only stores. BVLA wants to make sure their products are sold by knowledgable piercers, and people that understand how to help clients shop for their product—and that’s us! We’re thrilled to be able to offer their jewelry through our online store.

Shopping for Press-fit Jewelry

There’s no substitute for getting fitted for jewelry at a reputable, professional piercing studio. If you’re close enough to our studio, stop in and we’ll change your jewelry from free. (The piercers do appreciate tips, though!) If you can’t make it in to see us, the APP has member studios all over the world, where they will be more than happy to help you with your jewelry. If you’re not near us, or near a studio that offers premium jewelry, we offer the best in body jewelry online.

But shopping for press-fit body jewelry can be a little confusing. Not only do you need to get a post that will fit your piercing, but you want to make sure that post will work with the end you’ve chosen. To help with this, we’ve written a shopping guide for press-fit jewelry to assist you with your selection. You can also feel free to contact us with any additional questions—or simply for shopping support.

Best of all, both NeoMetal and BVLA have a lifetime guarantee against any potential manufacturing defects with their jewelry. If you have a setting break, or have a stone fall out, return the piece to us, and we’ll get a replacement for you—guaranteed.

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