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Seth Dietz piercer

Seth Dietz Spotted in Philadelphia

Deep in the forests of the Pacific Northwest roams a creature so elusive, no man, woman, or child has proven his existence. Legend and mystery surround him, right down to the hair on his face. Seth Dietz is not that creature—but he’s close! Welcome, Seth, our guest piercer at Infinite this December.

A former coworker of mine, Seth comes to us from Adorn Body Art in Portland, Oregon, where he’s been piercing for the last five years. His piercing career began in 2006 and has taken him from Outlaw Custom Tattoo in Alabama to Icon Piercing & Tattoo in Nashville, and now to his current home in the West.

Seth attends and teaches at the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) Conference & Exposition annually. He has also attended both the basic and advanced Fakir Body Piercing Intensives in California. He counts among his accomplishments being a a founding member of the Oregon Association of Professional Piercers (OPP), and he was sought out and appointed to the State of Oregon’s Board of Body Art Practitioners. As Seth nears a 10-year anniversary in the industry, his thirst for knowledge and experience continues to grow.

Seth prides himself on sharing as much piercing knowledge as possible with his clients. When you come in for your next piercing—or jewelry insertion—rest assured that you will leave feeling confident in your ability to care for your new adornment. Multi-point ear-projects, surface piercings, and supplying all-gold everything are his favorite parts of the job.

While Seth’s preferred recreation is hiking (in the nude) on a mountain somewhere, he also has an affinity for the city life. Seth will be piercing at Infinite until December 21st, 2015. Make sure to stop in and recommend your favorite Philly craft beer bar or mustache-conditioning regimen, or just come in and let him pierce you. He’s really nice—but not quite as hairy as that other guy.

Seth Dietz hiking nude

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