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Chris Jennings

Thanks to Our Guest Piercers

With the hiring of Zach Fitzgerald, you’re going to be seeing a lot fewer guest piercers coming through the studio. We’ve had a diverse selection or piercers through here in the past several months—from repeat visitors to first-time guests—and we’d like to give a shout-out to some of our frequent guests who have come through town and covered piercing shifts at Infinite Body Piercing while we looked to fill our vacant piercing position.

On Kellan’s departure in September of last year, we had out both Rachael Lebron and Autumn Swisher. Rachel was a first-time guest, but Autumn Swisher frequently comes through town, sometimes to cover shifts for us, and sometimes as photographer of the Infinite staff. Through the years, she’s becoming the go-to photographer for the piercing industry; she’s also the official photographer at the past several Association of Professional Piercers conferences.

Autumn Swisher

Robert Chambers came as a guest (before he decided to stay), followed by Anna York. Formerly piercing out of Adorn Body Art, Anna now resides at Robot Piercing and Tattoo, where she works alongside frequent Infinite guest piercer, Jo Case. This was her first visit, and we’re definitely hoping to have her back someday soon.

Ana York

Our next guest was mountain man (and frequent nude hiker) Seth Dietz, followed by the return of outdoorsman Chris Jennings. This was Seth’s first visit to Philadelphia, but he and Jes had worked together previously at Adorn Body Art in Portland, Oregon, where Seth has been piercing for the last five years. Chris is a frequent guest of the studio, and often the first person we call when we need shifts covered. We will almost definitely be hosting him again—when we can schedule him between riding motorcycles through Alaska and his other adventures.

Seth Dietz

Frankie Pistone was our next guest, visiting us in March of this year. Frankie came to us shortly before starting a position as the manager of the new Piercology location in Dayton, Ohio. While we’d love to have him back, his new job will be keeping him busy, and we wish him the best in his new position.

Frankie Pistone

Danny Peterzdorf

We then had a quick visit from Zach before welcoming Danny Petersdorf. Danny was a former coworker (and friend) of Infinite’s Eduardo Chavarria—and if Ed vouches for someone, you know he’s on the ball. After Danny’s visit, we had local piercer (and fingerboard enthusiast) Johnross Switz for a short stint before welcoming back Chicago-area piercer Chux.

 Johnross Switz

This past May, frequent Infinite visitor (and Nordic bodybuilder) Jussi Paradise returned. Jussi is one of our favorite guests, and we always try to have him through when he is in our part of the U.S. when visiting from his native Finland. Jussi was followed by mustachioed selfie king Nicholas the Geezer, who made Infinite a stop on his extensive tour around the states.

Brian Fowler

After short additional weekend shifts by J.R. and Zach, we most recently had out Brian Fowler. Brian came to us from from Brand X Tattoo & Body Piercing, in Washington State, and it was not only his first visit to Infinite, but his first time in Philly too. We made sure to show him the sights, including what we’ve all been calling South Philly’s chocolate rim job.

Any mention of past guests should also include Tiana McGuire,  Monica Sabin, Laura JaneNate Jenke, Lou Quino, Jef Saunders, and of course Paul Espinoza. All of whom have helped us cover piercing shifts on previous searches for piercers.

 Robert and Jussi

Whew! That’s a lot of guests we’ve had piercing at the studio over the last ten months. We loved having everyone through, and our piercers get exposed to techniques and knowledge from a wide variety of practitioners—so it really keeps us all energized and excited about what we do. We’d like to thank everyone who’s made Infinite their temporary home, from only a few days to a few weeks. You’re all welcome back, anytime.

Lastly, when Brian was here, we found our new favorite Philadelphia spot to take guests. Check the video below to see what’s in store for our future visiting piercers at Infinite.


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