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Free U.S. Shipping on Orders Over $50
NeoMetal Straight Titanium Posts

Universal Press-fit Posts

We got the news at last June’s Association of Professional Piercers Conference and Expo: NeoMetal has announced they will be switching to a new line of press-fit posts that would be compatible with their 18g press-fit ends, and that newer 16g press-fit posts would no longer be compatible with their older press-fit ends. The new 16g press-fit posts are being called “universal” press-fit posts.
NeoMetal 16g Straight Titanium Posts
In order to keep this as simple as possible, here’s the deal:

Beginning January 1, 2016, NeoMetal is no longer offering titanium press-fit ends in 16g. NeoMetal has released “universal” straight press-fit posts and labrets in 16g, with a fitting that now works with all 18g press-fit ends. As of today, Infinite is officially making the switch to the new universal straight press-fit posts.

What this means for our in-store clients and online shoppers:

    • If you were pierced with (or purchased) any straight press-fit posts or labrets in 16g from Infinite before January 15th, 2016, you have the “traditional” style post which works only with 16g press-fit ends. To shop for press-fit ends from our online store, pick 16g from the “fits post” menu.
    • If you were pierced with (or purchased) any straight press-fit post in 16g from Infinite on or after January 15th, 2016, you are wearing the new “universal” style post which works with 18g press-fit ends. To shop for press-fit ends for your post from our online store, pick 18g from the “fits post” menu.

For those of you wearing the older style of press-fit posts, we are offering all of our ends that work with the older, traditional posts at a huge 35% discount—both in-store and online—including gold! When shopping online for press-fit ends, click on 16g from the “fits post” menu to take advantage of these amazingly discounted price.

BVLA press-fit ends

We know this can be confusing. (It can be hard to keep track of, even for us.) If you have any questions about purchasing NeoMetal jewelry, check out our shopping guide, or contact us. In the meantime, enjoy the savings while we make the switch.

Update: As of September 1, 2016, all NeoMetal posts sold at Infinite, both in-store and online,are now universal posts. This means that all press-fit ends and posts sold at will fit each other, regardless of gauge.

BVLA press-fit ends

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Fatima - April 1, 2024

Hi ! i recently ordered from your store. I bought Rose-cut Cabochon Press-fit End in Titanium from NeoMetal × 1 White Topaz / 3mm & Straight Press-fit Post in Titanium from NeoMetal × 1
18g (1mm) / 3/16" / Disk. I’m just worrying if they will both fit into each other, because i recently got an irritation bump and I think if I change it to better quality jewelry, it’ll go away. I am worried that it won’t fit once it comes in the mail because i am not very familiar w sizes. I just want a bit of reassurance i guess THANK YOU!! .

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