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Andru Rogge

Welcome Andru Rogge

Infinite Body Piercing welcomes Andru Rogge! Andru is from Robot Piercing and Tattoo in Portland, and will be guest piercing from February 11 to 28, 2015.

Andru has been helping others transform and beautify themselves through body piercing since 2007. He says his motivation to become a piercer comes from the amazing gift of personal empowerment body modification gave him when he was younger, and Andru feels honored to share this gift with others. He enjoys doing large-gauge work as well as building unique placements around individual anatomy. He also enjoys helping clients with genital and nipple piercings.

In addition to piercing, Andru is also an avid yogi and meditation practitioner, cyclist, photographer, artist and vegetarian. So if you’re looking to get a new piercing, stop in and show Andru some of that Philly love. We think he’ll fit right in here.

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