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Autumn Swisher piercer

Welcome Our New Guests!

September will be a month of change and new beginnings at Infinite. Though we must say farewell to our long-time piercer Kellan (when departs for Seattle on the 11th), we will be welcoming a few new faces—as well as some familiar ones—to the shop. So let me introduce you to our first two guest piercers:

Meet Rachael Lebron, a self-proclaimed cat enthusiast and history nerd. Rachael has been piercing out of Fayetteville, NC for the past five years. While conch piercings may be her favorite, she enjoys helping all of her clients find the perfect piercing to fit their personalities. So help us welcome her when she stops by Infinite for the first time from September 16th to 19th.

Rachel Lebron piercer

Following Rachael will be frequent guest and unofficial Infinite family member Autumn Swisher. Autumn learned to pierce at High Priestess Piercing & Tattoo in Oregon in 2001. She did her first guest spot at Infinite 13 years ago (wow!) and has been back nearly every year since. Aside from being an accomplished photographer, Autumn enjoys juicing, biking, sci-fi and long walks on the beach (though I might be making the last part up).

We are always excited to bring in skilled professionals from around the world, and you should be, too! So please help us welcome Rachael and Autumn to Philly.

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