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Free U.S. Shipping on Orders Over $50
Infinite Body Piercing Studio

Welcome to the new

And we’re live! Welcome to the new

After several years and lots of hard work, the new-and-improved incarnation of is finally here. (We know you’ve been waiting for it as long as we’ve been working on it.) We’ve taken the best of the old site content, updated it, and expanded it threefold to create what we humbly think is one of the most comprehensive guides to body piercing on the Internet. We have information about piercings, stretching, and aftercare, We have information about the studio, including pricesID information, and everything you need to know before you come in, and we have expanded information about all our jewelry, including pages on different types of body jewelry, jewelry materials,  how body jewelry is measured, and even information on how to change your jewelry.

We are also pleased to share our new, interactive client gallery. Do you want to know more about ear projects or simply search through a plethora of piercing photos? Well now you can! Clicking on a page about navel piercings will display photos of navel piercings right next to the text, and the same holds true for nostril piercings, lip piercings, surface anchors, etc. Want to see a piercer’s portfolio? Go to each piercer’s page and you’ll see their work next to their bio. You can also view the site in a work-safe mode, where pictures of genitals and female nipple piercings are hidden, or toggle to “NSFW” (at the top of the page) to have those pictures populate the gallery. And come by frequently; new images will be added every month.

Last, but most importantly, we now have an online store! Though we’ve stocked our store with just a small selection of what we offer, we’ll be updating it over the coming weeks and months, so check back often, or sign up for our email list and you’ll be the first to know when we unleash new products.

Welcome, and enjoy the new!

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