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Brian Fowler and Jake Hardman Return

Brian Fowler and Jake Hardman Return

It's easy to get into hibernation mode when it's cold outside, but we have very exciting news to get you out of the house: Brain Fowler and Jake Hardman return to Infinite Body Piercing in February for two weeks each. They are two of the nicest, most interesting, and fun guest piercers who come through our studio. Both Jake and Brian were here for their first time in 2016, and we are very happy they were both brave enough to face a Philly winter in order to work with us again. 

Brian Fowler


Brian Fowler will be guest piercing at Infinite from Wednesday, February 1 through Thursday, February 11.

Brian is co-owner of Brand X Tattoo & Body Piercing in Longview, Washington. Brian has been an Association of Professional Piercers member since January of 2014, and has been a volunteer with the APP's social media committee for almost two years. After his piercing apprenticeship, he bought into the piercing side of Brand X in 2010. Brian then began upgrading the piercing side of the studio, and was able to make the changes necessary to meet APP standards.
Brian Likes Chocolate Rim Jobs
When asked for an update on what he's been up to since his last visit to Philly, Brian wrote, "Recently I became full partner in the studio—and not just the piercing side. I've also started eating better and not drinking energy drinks. I've lost almost twenty pounds!" Brian says he loves working with other piercers, and traveling for guest spots at places like Slave To The Needle in Seattle, Adorn Body Arts in Portland, and Goodlife in Akron, Ohio. Last time Brian was in town we took him to an awesome café in South Philly, where we treated him to the most amazing chocolate rim job.

Jake Hardman

Jake Hardman will be guest piercing at Infinite from Wednesday, February 15 through Saturday, February 25.

Jake Hardman Piercer
Unlike Brian, who is visiting from a similar climate in Washington State, Jake is visiting us from sunny Eustis, Florida, where he is the owner of Drift Piercing Studios. Jake started piercing in 2009 and says he instantly fell in love with it. His interest in piercing took him all over the country, where he was able to guest spot at shops in a variety of different studios from Oregon to Michigan. While not at the shop, Jake says he spends a lot of his time outdoors swimming in springs with local wildlife or at the beach.

"Since my last guest spot I've been keeping myself busy with the shop. I also adopted a new pup named Pants. Beach weather is already back so I've been spending time at the beach in my spare time. I'm super stoked to visit Philly again!"

Not only is Jake an outdoor enthusiast, but he also did one hell of an impersonation of Elliot from E.T. when he was our guest last Halloween. Maybe this visit we'll take him to get a chocolate rim job as well.

Jake Hardman Elliot ET

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