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Amelia Hancock

Amelia Hancock

As a child growing up in Indianapolis, Amelia was exposed to many people with stretched ears and other sorts of piercings, and became enamored with body adornment. She pored over all the information she could find on the topic, from traditional scarification practices to the history of navel piercings. She spent time taking biology classes in college, only to feel unfulfilled. She found more purpose in her job as a barista, where she felt she spent her mornings helping people feel more comfortable being themselves. She eventually had an epiphany and realized she'd convinced herself that her dream job of being a body piercer was unattainable, and if she really wanted to she could make this dream a reality. She started to build relationships with APP members and other experienced piercers in her community, determined to try and land an apprenticeship.

Eventually, she found a home at Midwest Tattoo Company, spending several years studying, learning, and honing her craft there. Near the end of 2020, Amelia took time to travel to several studios around the country to shadow piercers she looked up to, in hopes of finding best practices to incorporate into her own development. This was when she first experienced Infinite Body Piercing, and it was love at first sight! The studio embodied everything that she strived to provide to her clients, and had in place a core value system that encouraged constant growth, teamwork, kindness, support, and general love for body piercing. Following that first visit she came back several times over the next few months before she followed inspiration and moved to Philadelphia—and was able to land her dream job on the Infinite team.

While not in the studio, Amelia spends her time at home meditating and drinking tea with her two house-goblins (cats) Ash and Moss. She also travels the country as a professional fire performer eating, breathing, and spinning fire for festivals and shows. She loves being surrounded by nature and exploring wooded trails where she finds peace among the wisdom of the forest.

Pronouns: She/Her


Piercing gallery coming soon!


 APP Member