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Andru Rogge

Andru Rogge

Andru Rogge was born and raised in Alaska and spent his formative years in Ketchikan, a small island town in the southeastern part of the state. He has been piercing since 2007, or as he sees it, assisting others in their personal growth and “beautification through modification.” Andru’s motivation to become a piercer came directly from the amazing gift of personal empowerment body piercing gave him when he was younger—a gift he now wants to share with others.

Andru was one of those weird kids who felt the need to pierce his own nipple at a very young age with a safety pin because it was “needed.” At 19, Andru got his first professional body piercing by a woman named Beauty at House of Tattoo in Tacoma, WA. After that point Andru started his journey towards learning all he could about body modification, getting tattooed and pierced and seeking out all and any information he could find from historical resources and the Internet.

Andru attended the Fakir Basic Piercing Intensive, and that was a turning point for him. He saw that piercing could be fashion and ritual at the same time, and realized that body piercing had always been calling him. Andru was awarded the Association of Professional Piercers’ Al D scholarship in 2011, and has been a “Super” volunteer at the annual APP Conference and Exposition every year since.

Aside from basic piercings, Andru likes doing large-gauge work as well as building unique placements around anatomy. He also enjoys helping clients with genital and nipple piercings.

Andru is also an avid yogini, vegetarian, meditation practitioner, bicycle and moped enthusiast, artist, and photographer.