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Anna York

Anna York

Anna developed a love of body modification as a young teenager in the punk community. She started stretching her ears at fourteen and got really into a wooden plug company, Esoteric (R.I.P.), and became a frequent visitor to the only studio in her hometown of Columbia, South Carolina that ordered and carried them. She eventually lucked into a job at Immaculate, that same studio, as a counterperson. Sarah Wooten, the owner, took Anna under her wing and offered her an apprenticeship. She continued working there for six years until she moved to the Pacific Northwest with her band. There she worked at a few different studios until settling into Robot Piercing and Tattoo in Portland, Oregon.

She volunteered at her first Association of Professional Piercers Conference and Exposition in 2007 as an apprentice, and she has continued to volunteer every year since. For the last few years she has been found working behind the registration booth, welcoming all other piercers into the conference.

Her favorite piercings to do are nipples, nostrils, and lining up multiple piercings in the ear. She also gets very excited about stacking multiple pieces in the septum and helping people choose jewelry—so feel free to ask her about recommendations for interesting jewelry.

Some of the things that make her the happiest include anything old and gilded, baby goats and lambs, vegan pastries, coffee-flavored anything, pretty flowers, and the smell of lavender. She is good at finding excuses to treat herself, and is currently saving up for gold teeth. Her future dreams include a version of Dial House 2.0.