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Infinite Body Piercing in Baltimore

Our Baltimore studio is located at 807 N. Howard Street, on Baltimore’s historic Antique Row in the Mount Vernon Neighborhood. We’ve taken over a building from 1830 and completely rehabbed it to create Baltimore City’s premier piercing-only studio.

We’ve dedicated ourselves to creating a safe space for everyone to get pierced, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, ethnicity, class, physical abilities or body type. A studio where anyone could get good piercings and high-quality jewelry, regardless of whether it’s a first piercing or twenty-first.

While many tattoo studios may offer piercing, we specialize exclusively in body piercing and jewelry. Each of our piercers has extensive experience, having worked previously at some of the finest studios in the country before settling in Baltimore. We have an extensive collection of high-quality body jewelry. We don’t sell anything we can’t stand behind. Come in and see what makes us special.

Open noon to 7 p.m. every day. Fully accessible.

Book an Appointment to schedule a time to visit our studio. Check out Before Coming In for information on our new protocol for studio visits.


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Kookie Lynn

Kookie Lynn

When not working at the Baltimore studio, Kookie Lynn can be found at home hanging out with her seven boa constrictors. She is passionate about Japanese culture and an obsessive watcher of anime. Read more about Kookie and see her portfolio.

Heather Kohler

Heather Kohler

Heather has been piercing professionally since 2017. A Maryland native, she fell in love with body modification in the underground music scene in the '90s and early 2000s. Read more about Heather and see her portfolio.

Counter Staff

Caitlin Merix

Caitlin Merix

Born and raised in Dover, Delaware, Caitlin first took an interest in body modification while watching her older sister and friends getting piercings. She got her first real piercing, an industrial, on her nineteenth birthday, and the addiction grew from there. When she heard of the opening of a second Infinite in Baltimore she excitedly applied, and was the first counterperson hired for the new studio!

In her downtime, Caitlin has a passion for all things movement. She grew up in ballet classes, was a color guard captain in her high school, and has recently taken up hula-hooping and outdoor roller skating. Caitlin also has an interest in animals, and previous pets include twelve pet rats. She currently has a cat, Finn—and a few freshwater fish.

Blake Williams

Blake Williams

Born and raised in Baltimore, Blake is incredibly passionate about piercing. She wants to educate everyone (especially POC) on the importance of jewelry quality, as well as make piercing accessible to people from all walks of life—and she hopes to become a piercer herself someday. She has seven pets: three rats, two cats, a mouse, and a rabbit.

Behind the Scenes

James Weber

James Weber / Infinite Body Piercing

James Weber is the founder and owner of Infinite Body Piercing. He currently resides in Baltimore, and when not at the studio can usually be found at one of the city's many dog parks. Read more about James here.