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John Logger

John Logger

John Logger began working in the body piercing industry in 2004, and in 2008 completed his apprenticeship at High Priestess Piercing in Oregon. He has worked at several other prestigious studios across the country, including HTC in Arizona, Enigma and Apogee in Southern California, Nomad in San Francisco, and Iris in Salt Lake City. John first worked at Infinite from September 2014 to March of 2016, before relocating to Phoenix, Arizona to work with Infinite alum Kevin Jump at HTC. He moved back to Philly in March of 2017, rejoined the Infinite staff, and has been here since.

He especially enjoys performing large-gauge cartilage work and simple ear accents with gold body jewelry. He is strong believer in the power of body piercing as ritual for personal empowerment and community building. He is also an avid collector of ethnic jewelry from around the world. 

Outside the studio, John is an avid yoga practitioner at the Ashtanga Yoga School of Philadelphia. He spends his free time cooking and reading with his partner Elizabeth and their two cats, Ananda and Petey.