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Jordyn Schaeffer

Jordyn Schaeffer

Jordyn grew up an emo kid in South Jersey, spending a lot of her time on Myspace and listening to bands chock-full of men with lots of tattoos and piercings. As a teenager, she kept a list of adornments she wanted to add to her body once she turned eighteen. (Thankfully, she couldn’t get anything before then—because it would have all been awful.) She is the most rebellious of her three other siblings, and was consistently busting down the door her older sister opened for them.

Jordyn eventually left New Jersey for Morgantown, West Virginia with hopes of becoming a doctor. She was always interested in biology and the human body, but apparently life had another thing planned for her besides chemistry classes. During her time in college, Jordyn lived above a tattoo and piercing shop, and as a result would get pierced and tattooed there often. Soon, Jordyn learned that piercing professionally is an actual career! This was also the time a lot of great piercers were on Tumblr, which only added to the appeal of piercing as a livelihood. Luckily, she became good friends with her tattooer and was offered an apprenticeship under the studio’s piercer. She officially started piercing in 2014. In 2016, Jordyn was hired at Wild Zero Studios, and worked there until 2021.

The global pandemic really took a toll on Jordyn and her mental and financial stability, and she found herself coming to terms with not being able to support herself any longer as a piercer, and resigned herself to the fact she’d have to move home with her parents. As luck would have it, Infinite had posted on their Instagram that they were looking for piercers at just that time. Jordyn updated her résumé and sent it over. She was initially given the opportunity to guest spot, but on her move back to New Jersey from West Virginia, Jordyn was in a car accident and broke her hand. She showed up to the shop on the first day anyway, hand in a splint, and up for anything! After several weeks of healing, she was officially hired—and could not be happier to be part of the crew. Some of her favorite piercings to perform are nipples, eyebrows, and unique ear curations.

When Jordyn isn’t at Infinite, she likes to spend her time singing badly to A Day to Remember or anime openings, reading manga, playing video games, baking desserts, and annoying her pet rabbits with too much love. She has three: a black lionhead, Kylo; a blue-tort Holland Lop, Pipkin; and Peony, a grey bunny with mismatched ears who loves to be spoiled. If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Jordyn, you probably heard her talk too much about them—and had her offer to show you pictures. Jordyn is also a practicing witch and will talk your ear off about astrology and pretty rocks if you let her.

Jordyn is still emo, but now older with good tattoos and piercings, and with a dream career in her favorite city, all of which she never thought was possible.

Pronouns: She/Her


Piercing gallery coming soon!

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