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Pixie Sic

Pixie Sic

Pixie Sic was born Sarah Anne Pereira in the small town of Metuchen, New Jersey. They came in contact with the body modification world initially in the mid-90s through tattoo and piercing publications and other magazines at the local newsstand. The articles and photographs always had them in awe of body adornment. Enhancing the anatomy and the amazing, artistic expression of self through piercings, tattoos, and hairstyles struck a chord and resonated deeply.

Pixie pierced themself at an early age (inexperienced and naive), and by the age of fifteen had tattoo and adornment plans laid out for their entire body. At the end of high school (and after), they enjoyed taking the train with friends to the West Village in New York. Here they met, and had their first professional piercings and suspensions done by, Arwen “Spliff” Rosa, Josh Lobes, Gigi Disgrace and the Disgraceland Hook Squad. These experiences of experimental exploration on the body transformed them tremendously, and helped to decide this was something they wanted to pursue, share, and provide for others in the future!

Their path changed slightly from 2002 to 2004: Pixie enjoyed a season with the cheerleading squad at Kean University in Union, New Jersey, then was accepted to the Walt Disney World College program in Orlando, Florida. There they would spend a year working at Epcot Park “Making Magic” and meeting people from all over the world. Afterward, and even more inspired, they returned to New Jersey with every intention of pursuing piercing and body modification in full force. In September of 2005, Pixie attended a 240-hour intense training class just outside of Detroit, then secured a two-year apprenticeship in Elizabeth, New Jersey at Fatt Starr Tattoo under Michael Sedges (now a tattooer at 12-ounce Studio). Towards the end of the apprenticeship, getting ready to head into body piercing as a full time career path—and despite their parents still not being thrilled, although tolerant—they had the firsts of many facial piercing preformed: including paired nostrils, a septum piercing, and (their favorites) paired anti-eyebrows.

In 2007, Pixie relocated to Philadelphia and put in a résumé with Infinite. At the time, the universe had other plans, but they were able to find a few other studios locally to hone skills and bedside manner, and eventually ended up at Rumi Tattoo in Manayunk towards the end of 2010. The owner, Howard “Cosmo” Saunders, made a huge impression on Pixie through spirituality and artist self expression. But after they spent an amazing three years there, he was in a motorcycle accident that unfortunately claimed his life. After this exceptionally sad and tragic event, Pixie was offered a position at Body Graphics and NoKaOi. Considering the circumstances, this would become a blessing in disguise. Upon hire, their eyes were fully opened up for the first time to high-quality body jewelry options and quality piercing standards that until then had been elusive. Spending six years on the team at the Pennsauken Body Graphics location, Pixie finally got to the point of needing to put themself back into a situation where they would continue to progress, learn more, and keep growing. They reached back out to Infinite Body Piercing with no expectation, but this time was different, and they were offered a full-time position! January of 2020, would mark a pivotal point in their career, and the beginning of a new journey. With an open heart and mind, the future is bright and exciting.

Pixie loves having the ability to flatter each client's individual anatomy shapes with stunning high-quality body jewelry. Especially doing custom bent industrial piercings and multiple-point ear projects, along with symmetrical piercings such as nipples, paired nostril and paired lip piercings.

In their spare time, when not in the studio or doing piercings or artistic scarification, their hobbies include spending time with their incredible partner/husband Keath Supsic (a tattoo artist and Philly native) in their home in beautiful Cheltenham, Pennsylvania. Doing renovation projects on their old fixer-upper, cuddling their kitties, and spending time with and helping their friends and family as often as possible. They also enjoy relaxing by having their hair played with by dread master wizard Crissa at Rebel Rebel salon in Port Richmond, or doing many artistic endeavors like knitting, crocheting, cross-stitching, building shadow boxes, working with stained glass, mosaic and macrame jewelry making, or occasionally drawing and painting with the hubby.

Pixie is looking forward to a long future with Infinite. Any clients, long-term and new, are welcome to request Pixie when coming into the studio. Visits, check-ups, or new procedures, all are welcome with open arms. Pixie has been told they have a heart of gold and the sweetest, most gentle angel baby hands. They’ll happily take their best care of you, and will hopefully be able to do so for a long time—with love and admiration for their craft.

Pronouns: They/Them



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