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Modern Primitives: 20th Anniversary Edition by RE/Search

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First published in 1989, this is the book that started a revolution. RE/Search #12: Modern Primitives introduced piercing, body modification, and “Modern Primitivism” to a huge audience. Includes in-depth interviews with piercing pioneers Fakir Musafar, Jim Ward, Raelyn Gallina, and numerous others. Its influence on modern body art cannot be overstated.

This is the 20th anniversary reprinting, complete with a new introduction by original editor/publisher V. Vale and a supplemental interview with Raelyn Gallina, plus tattoo and piercing community sponsorship pages in the back. Own a piece of history—or upgrade and replace your old dog-eared copy.

Paperback or hardback available, 2010. 228 pages.

Color: Hardback

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