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Industrial Strength LLC. Naked Oil, 0.5 oz. bottle

Industrial Strength, LLC

Naked Oil, 0.5 oz. bottle


Manufactured by Industrial Strength, LLC, Naked Oil is great way to nurture and heal your piercing naturally. Lavender has both an anti-inflammatory and cicatrizing (wound healing) effect, and is also a mild anesthetic that soothes irritated skin. Tea tree oil aids in dissolving lumps of white blood cells at the surface that form pus and allows your bloodstream to clean them away. Castor oil stimulates your lymphatic system, encouraging rapid healing. Vegan-friendly.

Ingredients: ricinis communis (castor) seed oil, polysorbate 20, lavendula officianalis (lavender) essential oil, metaleuca alternafolia (tea tree) oil

Philadelphia Baltimore

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  In stock