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Pin Insertion Taper from NeoMetal

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Changing jewelry can be tricky, but insertion tapers make it a whole lot easier! These are long posts that gradually taper up to the size of the jewelry being inserted. Tapers make for an easy, hassle-free jewelry change, and are especially useful when inserting press-fit and threaded jewelry. Insertion tapers are intended to be used for insertion of jewelry in healed piercings only.

All pin tapers come to a “point” at one end (the end that goes in first), and have an attached "pin" on the other larger end. The size of the attached pin is what distinguishes one pin taper from another: the slightly thicker "pin" style is used for threaded jewelry, while the thin "pin" is used for press-fit jewelry. All tapers measure between 2”-2 ⅝” long and are made from either implant-grade titanium or implant-grade stainless steel. 

When shopping for pin tapers in our online store, pick the thickness of the jewelry you want to insert, then pick the jewelry type you will be using it with: threaded or press-fit jewelry.

For more information, see our press-fit jewelry shopping guide.


Size: 18g (1mm)
Style: Press-fit
Material: Titanium
Philadelphia Baltimore

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