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Free U.S. Shipping on Orders Over $50


  • Welcome Jake and Shea
    October 16, 2019

    Welcome Jake and Shea

    In October 2019, Infinite Body Piercing is leaving the tricks behind and bringing you two special treats: returning visitor Jake Hardman will be piercing from October 16 to 20, followed by new guest Shea Collins from October 23 to 26. 

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  • Elayne Angel and End-of-Summer Guests
    August 17, 2018

    Elayne Angel and End-of-Summer Guests

    Elayne Angel will be at Infinite Body Piercing from August 26 to September 3, 2018. This will be her only trip to Philly in 2018. We're excited for Elayne's visit, along with several other end-of-summer guests.
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  • Infinite's January 2018 Guests
    January 18, 2018

    Infinite's January 2018 Guests

    As we shoulder on through the winter and through the first month of the new year, we have a slew of guests covering piercing shifts at Infinite Body Piercing. Here's a quick rundown on Infinite's January 2018 guests.
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